"Where to begin?? I began searching for a life coach in July 2021 after the realization that I had everything I wanted and needed but wasn't finding any joy in my day-to-day life. I was too worried about things that hadn't happened yet and too focused on being perceived as the wife and mom who "had it all." I was working full-time with two toddlers and was waking up every morning with dread and anxiety. I wasn't depressed and I didn't feel like I needed therapy. I was burned out and I needed a new perspective. 

After just a few sessions with Terri, it was obvious my brain was re-wiring itself to look at my life in a completely new light. We discovered what my core values were and what it would take for me to wake up looking forward to the day ahead. Sometimes I cried during our sessions, sometimes I laughed, and sometimes I was speechless. The effect our coaching sessions had on me weren't always apparent until a few days later - which was a fascinating experience to go through. 
Here I am 6 months later - WAY more relaxed than I've ever been in 36 years. My marriage is better, my kids are happier, and even the most stressful days at work have little effect on me. My self-awareness has improved immensely, and I now catch myself several times a day going to a negative thought cycle or stressing about perfection. I repeatedly ask myself, "Am I finding joy in this?" 
I've already recommended Terri to several people, and I know I will continue to work with her for years to come. It's hard to put into words how much my life has improved - if you're on the fence about life coaching, don't waste any more time and start working with Terri!"
~Andrea B.

"Where do I begin? Thank you so much for all of your support and guidance this year. You are amazing at what you do - a true gem. It was a pleasure to work with and learn from you. Looking forward to working together again soon! ~ MC

I write this testimonial without words to properly express my admiration and thanks. Terri is a genius. The professionalism, creativity, and compassion that she shows make every experience positive and uplifting. Terri has helped me through tough personal and professional situations and enabled me to become a better and stronger person, professional, father, and partner. I consider myself an intelligent and cerebral person. However, Terri always challenges me and seems to make me think outside the box by changing my perspective and improving the highest version of myself. Without reservation or the ability to express the proper amount of gratitude, I recommend to the highest degree Terri O’Donnell and Yellow Brick Road Coaching.

~ Chris, Ambler, PA​

My decision to pursue coaching with Terri by far has been one of the most important, profound, and far-reaching investments I have ever made in myself.  Her wisdom, down-to-earth style, and generosity helped me create clarity, explore new possibilities, and most importantly, to find my voice.  Terri had an amazing ability to both support and challenge me to create "Kim 2.0." I notice, and so have many others, that I am a more confident, resilient, and grounded person with a spring in her step and newfound energy.  Working with Terri was a true partnership and rewarding experience. 

~ Kim from Lancaster, PA

I have been utilizing Terri’s coaching since 2014. My personal and professional lives have changed dramatically since my first session with Terri. I was very reluctant to utilize this type of service, but after my initial session with Terri, I was hooked. She pointed out areas where I needed to improve and made recommendations on how to reinforce my strong traits. Terri helped me map out a strategy which was easy to understand and follow. The beauty of working with Terri is she makes it relaxing for me to be who I really am in a safe and controlled environment. This helped us break through some serious barriers of resistance I was facing for quite some time. There have been sessions where I need a kick in the butt and Terri has been there to make sure I stayed on course. She has the ability to cut through the minutia and help you stay focused on what is needed to take your personal and professional life to the next level.
I will mention you need to be honest with yourself and know it will take time to change the things you are working on with Terri. Also if you really apply yourself and follow her guidance, suggestions and complete the course materials you WILL make progress. I learned early on it’s not Terri who is going to make the changes for me, it is up to me. The faster you accept this fact the quicker you will grow!! If you or your clients need to take your personal or business life to the next level you need to introduce them to Terri. I highly recommend Terri and Yellow Brick Road Coaching!!!
~ Phil from PA

My divorce is final. I now live with my best friend and soulmate. We have an amazing relationship! In the end, I realized I couldn’t be responsible for my ex's happiness. Thank you for all you did to help me realize my self-worth and to eliminate shame, guilt, and regret from my life. It’s been a fantastic journey and I believe that the best is yet to come for me.
~ Sheryl from SC

In our very first meeting for coaching, you had me go through my list. Now I was not sure how this list played an active role in my life until we had another conversation regarding my inner essence. When I amalgamated the list with my inner essence, I began to see where my strengths and weaknesses lie. This is where the real coaching began. 

I was a self-sabotager and a "yes" girl. I was able to overcome this by understanding that it was okay to say no and it was okay not to have to explain it. You got me to see that I only have so much bandwidth and I was overextending myself not because I couldn't do the work but I was working hard on all the wrong things. I took on work that was never going to make my business successful. Through your questions and guidance, I was able to see I needed to be kinder and more compassionate to myself. By always saying yes and creating the stress and chaos in my life, I was being unkind which in turn made people not trust me or come to me because I was not reliable. 

Terri gets you to see that certain beliefs and certain ideas that you may have about yourself and your world around you may not be as it appears. She has a way of being able to get at the real issues that we use as an excuse to hold us back. Hesitation is also the fear of the unknown. Some people view using a coach like going to therapy and it isn't like that at all. Vince Lombardi said in 1959 winning is not a sometime thing; its an all the time thing. You dont win once in a while; you dont do things right once in a while; you do them right all the time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing." This is Terri. She is a Vince Lombardi. She helps create the habits in our lives that help us win. She helps shape our winning strategies. She helps us overcome the obstacles to be a better "player". Winning is a habit and Terri gives the best baseline to set those habits and along the way she helps us uncover what we are truly passionate about and what it would take for us to win and not just in our personal lives but our professional lives as well. Coaching is so much more than just being accountable to someone but also being accountable to yourself and developing your true life strategy.

~Tara H

One personal insight is the awareness of my core values. I now live my life more positively because I am able to recognize when my values are being challenged. I am quickly able to defuse my negative emotions which gives me a lot of freedom. 

I overcame my self-limiting beliefs like, "I am too busy to work out." More negative self-talk was "I lack motivation and energy. I have to do everything for my family." Working with Terri, I found my voice, had a conversation with everyone and empowered them to be more self-sufficient and now I have a family that helps me to be my best self and contributes as a family. I'm in much better shape because I'm motivated to work out and I now feel great overall.

If you are considering using Terri as a coach then you are on the right path to success. Sometimes, we all need someone else to take a look at our lives because our vision can be clouded with emotion, stories, standards, and ideals that are being stepped on when we can't see what's really there. We need someone to point out the reality we've created, help clear the fog, the doubt, the negative self-talk, and fears in order to be successful in all areas of our lives. That someone is Terri. She helped me to do all of that. 

~ Eleanor S. Dukes LMT, Trinity Massage Haven

I count myself as fortunate to have had Terri coaching me. I was totally stuck when she literally took me to a mirror to have a good, hard look at myself. The self-discovery of that moment was transformational. Terri showed compassion and sensitivity but she also pushed me to realize my own strengths. Together we went through a journey that led me to a deeper understanding and awareness of myself. The mirror was an important tool. That combined with her powerful questions and caring approach proved to be just what is needed to be a successful coach.

~C.E., Washington, D.C.

Terri is wonderfully down-to-earth and easy to talk to. She is also full of wisdom and intuition about what's really going on, and she's not afraid to say what she sees. Working with Terri feels comforting, challenging and powerful--the perfect combination of qualities for transformational realizations and important calls to action. I'd highly recommend Terri as a guide and coach, leading you home to your truest self.


Coach Terri utilizes her positive energy in an uplifting, creative, caring and genuine way that is very transformational and energizes me to take action in my life.


In a clear, simple, yet powerful way, Terris coaching has helped me to believe in my ability to move forward into this new part of my life with joy and confidence. She holds the space for me to be a champion in my own life.  Each time I talk to her, I bring to the table the places where I feel stuck.  She has a talent for helping me to see these stuck places with new eyes.  I have begun to change old negative thought patterns into positive encouragement and celebration of my successes, both past and present. Little by little, I am believing more and more in the powerful successful person I really am. Terris help in the process is invaluable.

Thank you Terri!

Terri is a trusted coach who has been a great influence on me as I launched my CPA firm.

She helps me think with more clarity. Many of the decisions I make are based on our coaching conversations and thought-provoking Yellow Brick Road Coaching newsletters which is a great resource to help me evaluate where I am.

My business grew 300% in one month. As soon as I began to feel overwhelmed, I immediately worked on one of the exercises included in her newsletter. As a trusted advisor to my own clients, they might not realize how big their problem is and if I'm calm and patient upfront, its good for everyone involved. I’m also learning to delegate more effectively because of Terri’s resources.

~ Alle B, CPA

Terri O'Donnell has been my coach for over a year and has made significant and continuous contributions to me that have resulted in dramatic and sustained improvements and personal growth. She is perceptive, gentle yet firm, direct without being confrontational and I end our coaching sessions with a deeper and renewed sense of direction and focus. She has helped me breakthrough some of my biggest barriers and fears. I have successfully taken on challenges beyond my dreams. I am living my life much more to its fullest thanks to Terri's insights. She's an amazing coach.

~ CK, Philadelphia

The coaching experience with Terri O’Donnell was really very positive and most helpful to me in my search for a new position. I was in transition and involved in a job search that was going on too long. Although I was having interviews, I did not receive a job offer that I actually wanted to pursue. I thought at that point it would be good to have a coach—someone who could provide objective input from a fresh vantage point, and assist with any areas I needed to improve. I contacted Terri and we began working together.

Terri is very positive and yet also grounded in reality. This balance enabled me to look at my reality honestly, but without losing sight of the positive aspects. Through Terri’s assistance I was able to reflect on my experience, and create my own vision of how I wanted my day or--my life!--to unfold. Through our interaction, the meetings with Terri brought forth an energy, which led me to be more imaginative and creative in my approach to the job search. The dynamic of our exchange strengthened my confidence during the job hunting process, and it also empowered me to be more proactive in engaging the people with whom I was interviewing. Terri O’Donnell is a great coach, and I would highly recommend her to accompany others during their transitional journeys. The experience serves to generate new ways not only to view one’s reality, but to actually transform that reality! I am very grateful to Terri for her skillful presence during the coaching process. I am now in my second week at a job I truly love, and am excited about the days ahead!

~ Gina, Director in Healthcare, Philadelphia

I quickly learned a lot about myself and…

After a 15 minute free coaching call with Job Coach Terri this is what happened...

I entered coaching out of curiosity as to what the process was about. I was just returning to the job market, and had heard there were several factors that may hold me back in my pursuit of a job. Being a person who views things in a skeptical manner, keeping a positive outlook on why things may happen isn't an easy undertaking for me.

Coaching enabled me to view things from a different perspective, and bring myself to a more positive attitude in my approach and in my reactions. I find that I am more contemplative about how I am feeling, and for what reason. Often, the reason had nothing to do with the current situation, but the situation triggered something that sent me into a tailspin for no reason. I have been very pleasantly surprised at my change in attitude, and my reflections of interactions with others have been much improved. Starting a new job in a few days, in the industry I was pursuing.

~ Dennis, IT Professional, Greater Phila Area, PA


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