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March 2018
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As I type this, we are in the midst of Quinn, the snow storm. Here in the Philly area, we're expecting 8+ inches of the white stuff. So, I ask you if you were to imagine that each snowflake falling represented a blessing, how much gratitude would you have for your life, work and those you care about?


The snowflakes falling outside represent for me:

  • All the beautiful people I am privileged to work with every day whether it's through the coaching I provide, the referral groups in which I am apart, the monthly webinars I host, and all the people I know through Social Media.
  • I am grateful for the car that gets me from meeting to meeting safely.
  • The time we spend with our son since he now lives away from home.
  • The open communication I have with those I love.
  • The change of seasons on the East Coast.
  • My body that allows me to walk, bike, do yoga, play golf and more.

What are you grateful for today, now at this moment, right down to those things you take for granted every day? Look, really look. You will uncover there is much to be grateful for and if you can't be with this and think I'm blowing smoke, then register now for my next workshop below.


I'd love for you to join me for my next Webinar Workshop:

"Risk Living Authentically:
Find the Courage to Be the Real YOU!"

Wednesday, March 28th
12:00 Noon ET

Do you ever feel like you’re living someone else’s life?

It’s almost like…if you were to say what’s really on your mind,

or do what you really want to do…everything would fall apart?

These are primary indicators of an all-too-common malady called “living inauthentically,” and I can promise you, if left untreated, it only gets worse. Whether you’re working at a job you can no longer stand or running your own business haphazardly, my next online workshop will address the underlying issues of this problem. 


Top 10 Things to Stop Tolerating

Tolerations are a drain on life energy and distract you from your life purpose, not to mention daily satisfaction.

Here's a list of 10 behaviors and situations to stop tolerating so that you can move towards greater inner peace and fulfillment.

1. Unkind words and/or behavior. If you've been putting up with others calling you names and/or speaking down to you, consider ways to improve your self-esteem. Make a list of your strengths and use it as a basis for a self-nurturing affirmation. Review the list as needed for a reminder of your self-worth; then act and speak from that place.

2. Poor work/life balance. Working after midnight again? It's essential for health and happiness not to let work take priority over home and family. The world won't end when you leave work at work. Do this for two solid weeks and see what a difference it makes.

3. Unhappiness in your job. These tolerations might include overly demanding clients, disrespectful bosses or coworkers that let others pick up the slack. What is one action that you can take right now to shift the situation?


4. Clutter. Do you live with someone who can't seem to put stuff away? Or maybe you've created the clutter yourself? Take five minutes each day to put things in order. Along with a sense of peace, you'll be amazed at the time saved when you don't have to hunt around. If someone else is making the mess, have an honest heart-to-heart conversation, and come to an agreement about how to fix the problem.

5. House and car repairs. From garage doors that won't close properly to that rattle in the car motor, the tolerations surrounding possessions can quickly turn into aggravation. Make it a habit to repair things quickly. You won't have to tolerate these little nuisances, and you might be saving yourself from a much bigger problem (and bill) stemming from letting the little repairs go untended.

6. Lack of respect for time and energy. Have a friend who shows up late more often than not? A tardy co-worker who holds up meetings? Communicate honestly with your friend about the impact of their lateness. Ask that meetings start on time-latecomers or not. Take inventory of your own awareness of others' time and energy, and set boundaries for yourself, if needed.

7. Poor wellness habits. Whether it's lack of exercise or an unhealthy diet, don't give in to the slippery slope of bad habits. Being proactive about your health now can prevent larger health issues in the future.

8. Obligations. You might feel obligated to do things even if they conflict with your own desires. Don't feel like attending the work party for a coworker that you never bonded with? That's okay.

9. Financial problems. Prioritize your financial health by using an online budget system like to keep track of your monthly budget, due dates for bills, spending patterns and savings goals.

10. Negativity. From worry over the economy to dismal job prospects, people fall into negative thinking for various reasons. A quick solution involves listing five things in your life for which you have gratitude right now.

Tolerations are all around. As a simple solution, make a list of your own Top 10 tolerations. Then, take some time each day to chip away at them. Pick up the right tool to fix the garage door, pay your credit card bill on time and practice honest, nonjudgmental communication. The payoff in restored life energy for taking these small actions will be priceless.

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Risk Taking: The Courage to be Authentic




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